Safety Measures & Reopening Guidelines


*Effective August 1st, masks will be required in all Miss Pole locations.*  
Student, staff, and community health and wellness is our priority and lies at the heart of everything we do. With that in mind, we developed and implemented stringent safety protocols and extensive phase one reopening guidelines. Our protocols adhere to local and state mandates and align with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines. 

As part of our commitment to keeping you safe, we will remain agile in our ability to adapt, adopt, execute, and communicate new guidelines and government directives. 

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Phase One Reopening Guidelines

Social Distancing Measures

Reduced Schedule & Class Size: We have significantly reduced the number of signature six-week series for August and September—advance registration is required. No more than ten students in the studio at any given time; we will operate at less than 50% occupancy until further notice. We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation and adjust accordingly.

Pole Spacing: Depending on the studio, the distance between poles range from 6’4” and 8’. You will be asked to stay within your designated area.

Curriculum Modifications & Hands off Correction: For your safety, we have modified our curriculum to eliminate the need for physical contact. Instructors will continue to provide modifications, progressions, corrections, and adjustments through verbal cues. 

Occupancy Flow: The transition time between classes has increased; there will be no overlap between students entering and exiting the studio.

Arrival Time & Check In: You should not arrive more than five minutes before your class starts. Upon arrival, go directly into the studio—do not wait in the reception area or check-in at the front desk. You must complete all registrations, payments, and studio releases online and in advance.

Community Safety - If You Are Not Feeling Well, Stay Home

Masks: Consistent with our local government guidelines, students, staff members, and instructors must wear a mask. Face masks combined with other preventive measures help slow the spread of the virus.

Health & Hygiene: Immediately after entering Miss Pole, before any spinning starts, you should wash your hands thoroughly according to the CDC guidelines, and dry your hands with a disposable paper towel. You are encouraged to use a suitable disinfectant (ours or your own) before class, and observe the rules of conduct for coughing and sneezing, i.e., protect your mouth and nose with a bent elbow or disposable tissue. Water bottles should be kept in your backpack or bag and stowed away again immediately after drinking; you may not refill water bottles in the kitchen or bathroom sink.

Comprehensive Cleaning Protocols

Enhanced Procedures: In addition to our routine cleaning practices, we are taking additional steps—per the CDC guidelines—to clean, disinfect, and sanitize the studio before classes, between classes, and after classes. During open hours, we continuously clean high-touch surfaces with EPA-registered, virus-killing disinfectants. Studio hours are adjusted to allow for after-hours deep cleaning. 

Hard to Clean Items: Hard to clean items, such as yoga blocks, yoga mats, class props, and crash mats, will be removed from the studio area.

Self Cleaning: We believe that self-cleaning measures are based strongly on a personal sense of responsibility, and we appreciate all that you do to help us keep Miss Pole safe. Instructors will continue to actively encourage you to disinfect your area, equipment, and pole with Isopropyl Alcohol, before, during, and after class. 

*Please contact us with any questions regarding our internal procedures relating to health and hygiene; cleaning and disinfecting; distancing (personal, pole, and class design); common area operations (changing rooms and reception area); internal training (risk detection, mitigation, and compliance monitoring), and student safety (personal items, socializing, and touch-less check-in (payments, registrations, and waivers).

Managing Reports of Potential COVID-19 Exposure

Miss Pole will provide consistent guidance to staff and students regarding the prevention of COVID-19 transmission. We will respond to any report of potential exposure per the recommendations, guidance, and best practices available the day we are notified.

What if an individual says they “may” have been exposed to COVID-19? 

Miss Pole staff will ask the appropriate questions to determine the degree of exposure. Not every claim of coronavirus exposure is a legitimate concern. As defined by the CDC, exposure is determined if they were in "close contact" (within approximately 6 feet) of someone for a prolonged period (10-15 minutes or more).
  • We will ask the date of potential exposure; what was the situation; if it was at Miss Pole, who may have been in close contact; have they sought a test.
  • If the student has symptoms or fever, they will not be admitted and will be encouraged to immediately self-isolate and seek medical advice and testing.
  • Individuals who believe they may have been exposed to a person with COVID-19 should consult their primary care provider or local health facility and get tested.

How will students be notified if another student, staff member, or instructor tests positive for COVID-19?

We will ask any staff member or student who tests positive or shows symptoms of the COVID-19 virus to identify those they may have been in close contact with—within the last 48 hours. We will cross-reference that information against our internal attendance records and notify those individuals of potential exposure. Those potentially exposed, but with no symptoms, should not return to the studio for 14 days or as otherwise directed by their healthcare provider or public health agency. 

When can a student who tested positive for COVID-19 return to Miss Pole?

A student who tested COVID-19 positive or was symptomatic, but chose not to be tested, can return to Miss Pole after all three of the following have happened:
  • no fever for at least 72 hours (that is, three full days of no fever without the use of medication that reduces fevers)
  • other symptoms have improved (for example, when their cough or shortness of breath have improved)
  • At least 14 days have passed since their symptoms first appeared and 10 days have passed since receiving a positive test result; if not tested, the above conditions must be met and they have received clearance from their healthcare provider.