Miss Pole doesn't make recommendations on a whim. The websites, partnerships and affiliations listed below are utilized and supported by Miss Pole. In addition to offering a quality product or service each of these businesses supports its community and values its customers. 
Miss Pole Partnerships/Affiliations:

Lupit Pole:

Platinum Stages: Miss Pole recommends Platinum Stages for in home Use!

Miss Pole Partnerships/Affiliations:

Pole Fitness Association - Miss Pole joins PFA to help build a stronger Pole community in Wisconsin.

Pole Dance Instructors Certification (PDIC) - "Miss Pole - I truly enjoyed teaching each of you in Las Vegas for your Pole Dance Instructors Certifications. You are excellent instructors and wonderful people! Wisconsin should be proud to have Miss Pole as their pole dancing studio. I am looking forward to working with you again very soon!..." - Fawnia Dietrich