Online Classes FAQ

Online Class Membership FAQs

Q. How much is a Miss Pole online class membership?
A. A 30 day online membership is $59; students may use account credits in lieu of payment.

Q. What is the difference between live classes on-demand classes?
A. On-demand classes are pre-recorded and can be accessed at your leisure. Live classes are scheduled in advance, happen in real-time, and allow students to interact with their Instructor. 

Q. What classes will be offered?
A. Classes, clips, and teaser tutorials—for Pole Fitness, Aerial Pole Fitness, Stretch & Strengthen, Pole Conditioning, Exotic Low Flow, Art of Chair, Burlesque, and more—will be offered live and on-demand. Live and on-demand classes will be offered by Instructors from all three locations.

Q. How will I gain access to online classes?
A. Upon receiving your registration, you will immediately be provided with a link to our private facebook group. Click on the link to request access. All access requests will be granted within eight (8) hours receipt.

Q. How long will I have access to classes?
A. Membership length is selected at the time of registration and is based on payment amount or the number of redeemed account credits. 

Q. What if I don’t have a pole at home?
A. Not a problem! There are several non-pole classes to choose from. Click here to view the online class schedule

Q. Will I be able to ask questions during class?
A. Yes! Depending on the format and platform, you will be able to ask questions or post questions during all live classes. Questions related to on-demand classes can be posted within the group. Students are encouraged to post questions, provide feedback, and offer support to other students. The ability for students to post/comment is not restricted or filtered. Anyone posting negative comments, directed at other students, will promptly be removed from the group and the comment will be deleted. 

Q. How often will new classes be added?
A. Click here to see this week’s Live Class Schedule. The live class schedule will change from week to week. Most days will include multiple live classes, clips, and teaser tutorials. On-demand content will be added on a daily basis.

Q. How long do you plan on having online classes?
A. Live classes are scheduled through January 11th. We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 impact and regularly refine our strategy to align with CDC and WHO recommendations.