Alex: Instructor - MP Madison

I have been taking classes at Miss Pole since October 2014.  Growing up I was heavily involved in activities such as tennis, soccer, and dance.  As a student-athlete at UW-Madison, I was unable to participate in or try new activities. While obtaining my undergraduate degree at UW-Madison, I had received many emails for promotions and classes at Miss Pole.  It wasn’t until after I had finished my career as a student-athlete and earned my degrees that I truly had the opportunity to give pole dancing a try.  I distinctly remember the feeling I had after my first class of Pole 1- it was unlike anything I had ever done before- I felt sexy, empowered, and most of all, I had fun!  Pole has challenged both my mind and body in ways that other activities never have before.  It is my hope to not only share my love of pole with others, but to challenge my future students to push their minds and bodies in ways they may never have before.  When I’m not as Miss Pole, I am working as a Clinical Research Analyst.  My other hobbies include running, yoga, training for a 1/2 Ironman, soccer, and cooking!