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Instructor Training + Certification Program

Pole Fitness—It's what you love, make it what you do! As the popularity of pole fitness increases so does the demand for quality Instructors. Whether you're interested in an exciting and rewarding pole fitness career or passionate about honing your skills, the Miss Pole Instructor Training + Certification Program will immerse you in a journey of exploration, growth, and self-discovery.

Miss Pole offers one of the most comprehensive Instructor Training + Certification programs in the midwest. Our esteemed faculty, led by a Miss Pole Master Instructor, will prepare you to safely and confidently teach pole fitness. Delivering a quality learning experience is our priority; therefore, we are only able to accept eight participants per program. 

The Instructor Training + Certification Program consists of four mandatory day-long sessions spread over two weekends. Each session starts at 9:00 AM and ends at 3:00 PM. All programs are held at Miss Pole Brookfield, 17800 W. Bluemound Rd., Brookfield, WI 53045.

Program Overview

The Instructor Training + Certification Program consists of classroom-based and practical instruction in the fundamental concepts of pole fitness. Classroom-based instruction includes basic anatomy, pole fitness terminology, safety and spotting principles, injury prevention, professionalism, quality of teaching, elements of a proper warm-up and cool down, and class design. Practical instruction includes technical execution, identification of healthy movement patterns, move modifications and variations, small and large group teach-backs, individual and group demonstrations, effective cueing, and corrective action.

Program Tuition & Scholarship Awards

The standard program tuition is $4,000. However, we believe it is essential to offer a program that is accessible and financially feasible. Over the last six years, we have dedicated 10% of our annual sales to develop our very own scholarship program. To date, we have awarded 62 scholarships amounting to over $100,000.

This year, for the first time ever, there are eight available scholarship awards. Each scholarship recipient will receive $3,150 of tuition assistance, which reduces the program cost to $850. Six scholarships have been awarded to wait-listed individuals from prior programs.Two scholarship awards have been held for current students, prior students, or non-students.

To encourage ongoing training and program engagement, participants will receive discounts on Miss Pole Signature Six-Week Series throughout the duration of the program.

Flexible and individualized payment options and installment plans are available. 

Mandatory Program Dates

    • ●  September 12 - Introduction to Pole Fitness
    • ●  September 13 - Pole Conditioning
    • ●  September 19 - The Art Of Chair Dance
    • ●  September 20 - Burlesque

Post-Program Assessments - By Invite

If you have an interest in becoming a Miss Pole Instructor and have met all of the program completion requirements, you may be invited to attend post-program assessments. Post-program assessments are not included in the Instructor Training + Certification program and participation is not guaranteed. Assessment invitations are based on the number of open instructor positions, and your commitment and dedication to the program. Currently, there are ten open positions between all locations.

There is a nominal $25 registration fee for each assessment; your initial program tuition does not include assessment fees. The assessment process consists of four day-long sessions spread over two weekends. Each session starts at 9:00 AM and ends at 3:00 PM.

Ongoing Training & Assessments - By Invite

If you have successfully completed the Instructor Training + Certification program and respective assessments, you may be invited to attend ten additional beginner and intermediate level pole fitness training sessions. From this point forward, participant training is provided free of charge; there is a nominal $25 registration fee for each assessment. Participation in intermediate-level training is not required nor is it a prerequisite to becoming a Miss Pole Level 1 Certified Instructor.

Program Application Process

Applying for the Instructor Training + Certification program is easy! After you complete the enrollment and scholarship application, you may request an optional informational session.

If selected as a scholarship recipient, you will have ten days to accept your scholarship award and placement in the program. Upon acceptance, you must complete a participant agreement and submit a $100 non-refundable deposit.



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Refund Policy: There are no refunds on Instructor Training+ Certifications deposits or program payments.