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Lux ATL is a pole dancer with a PhD, a former English professor and lifelong exotic dancer turned professional pole performer, instructor, writer, and speaker.


She is activist for women’s empowerment through radical expression of the sensual self. You can find her pole dancing and spreading feminist wisdom internationally as she tours “Stripcraft,” her workshop for women seeking to reconnect with their confidence and sexiness.

Lux was a recent competitor in the elite Miss Pole Dance America competition, a three-time cast member of Alethea Austin’s Live Dancing Girls, a featured dancer in Mastodon’s latest music video “The Motherload,” recent inductee into Creative Loafing Atlanta’s Lust List 2015, and the “Best Stripper in Atlanta” in 2015.

Lux is also a published scholar in the field of women’s studies (under the name of Dr. Lindsay Byron). Her short documentary “Conjured” and longer article “Rewriting Elizabeth” reconstruct the lives of women wrongfully institutionalized at an infamous Southern mental hospital in the mid-twentieth century.

The Full Ride+: Friday, August 4th - 5:15 pm to 10:45 pm
Investment: $210- Registration Open - 4 spots Available

The Full Ride+ is a five hour intensive workshop specifically designed for Miss Pole students! It includes three live signature workshops, Stripcraft, Stripcraft: LapDance, and Angry Stripper, plus two 15 minute breaks in between. In five hours of fierce self-appreciation and bold ownership of your own badassery we'll tap our most confident selves through joyful sensual movement. No shame, no fear, no apologies, just love, sisters! The Full Ride+ is appropriate for any level of experience. 

Angry Stripper: Friday, August 4th - 5:15 pm to 6:15 pm
Investment: $50 - Registration Open - 3 spots Available

This one-hour, heel-clack intensive floor workshop leads you through an aggressive stripper-style floorwork routine set to some old-school punk rock. Want to experience Lux's stripper roots? Here ya have it! Bring your platform heels, leggings, kneepads, and best bitch face!

Stripcraft: Friday, August 4th - 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
Investment: $85 - Registration Open - 4 spots Available

Get ready to strip down your walls, open your heart, and learn to love exactly who the hell you are today. Stripcraft is a 2-hour-long intellectual, spiritual, and movement workshop that begins with the feel-good empowerment speech of a lifetime, followed by a sexy warm-up flow and a stage choreography session that culminates in an intimate and fun student performance. 

Stripcraft LapDance: Friday, August - 4th 8:45 pm to 10:45 pm
Investment: $85 - Registration Open - 4 spots Available

Continue the work of soul-searching sensuality in the sequel to Lux’s blockbuster workshop, Stripcraft: Pure Ladance. The purpose of this workshop is to extend the skills of engagement and sensual movement learned in Stripcraft into meaningful interaction with new friends in an environment of loving support. 


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Friday, August 4th at Miss Pole - Brookfield
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